Synthetic fibers are arranged neatly so that all parts are covered

Substitute Ijuk the Weather Resistant

Synthetic materials started many developed today. Not least with its original nature. There are many materials that can be used to coat the roof of the gazebo. Roof fibers, thatch and tiles are some of them the most widely used. The third type of roof covering is put on the main ingredient is available from nature, so it looks very natural and blends, especially with tropical gazebo. The third of […]

Rear patio

Turn on the terrace with a beautiful terrace realize to create a comfortable dwelling and beautiful

Realising the pretty patio is one of the residents attempt to create a comfortable and beautiful dwelling. In a dwelling, outside and inside must be connected and organized. They must be combined well to create an overall comfortable dwelling. The terrace is one of the areas outside the home that should contribute nicely laid out. Unfortunately, often people forget to arrange for this area rarely use in everyday life. People […]

The heat of the sun can be overcome by a special curtain exterior protection against the weather

The heat of the sun can be overcome by a special curtain exterior protection against the weather

The comfort of sitting in the garden are not bothered by the weather, thanks to materials that can reduce solar heat highlight. To get a different atmosphere, sit on the porch or in the gazebo in the garden outside the house into a delightful choice. Direct relaxed atmosphere enveloped the talks among members of the family. Likewise, guests who visit us, feel more familiar if invited to talk on the […]


Gazebo from coconut wood and thatched roofs were adorned with curtains and pillars have been painted in black and white Balinese

Gazebo function not only as a place to sit back but also became accessory enhancing the aesthetics of the house. Gazebo is a complementary element of the main building which was originally only encountered in traditional house which has building yard wide. There is casual interaction between family members or with relatives in spare time in Gazebo. As it grows ,the function gazebo slowly turning into complementary accessories that increase […]